Integrity Commission in Kurdistan Region attends anti-corruption international conference

The conference is bringing together the international countries, agencies, artists, states’ officials and journalists to discuss the complexity and issues raised as result of the corruption.
The logo of the world anti-corruption international conference
The logo of the world anti-corruption international conference

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Integrity Commission in Kurdistan Region is participating in an anti-corruption international conference in Lithuania. The conference discusses very important topics and issues that are related to the corruption, as well as the impact of the ruling the country against the corruption.

The conference is the 21st and is one of the biggest international platforms about fighting the corruption. There are 100 countries, and with 3000 people attending this conference. It’s held between Jun 18-21.

The Kurdish delegates who are taking part in the conference, act on behalf of the Commission of Integrity in Kurdistan Region. The commission is an independent board, and in charge of confronting the corruption.

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This board works toward establishing an active mechanism to set the rule of law, to prevent and support the basics of transparency, strengthen the transparency and fighting corruption in all the governmental offices in the region. The commission aims to implement the legal ways to gain the prevention and protection against the corruption, as well as to follow up and to sustain the progressed work.

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This international conference is a forum to link between governmental sectors internationally, activists, artists, civil society organizations, businessmen and entrepreneurs around the world to work together to make awareness campaigns, and to create justice, awareness about the modern bribery, dishonesty and financial transparency phenomena, misconducting and imposing, also to eliminate the kleptocracy and corruption.

The conference holds every other year, this year Lithuania hosts such global gathering. According to the conference board principle, to bring together the international countries, officials, agencies, and journalists to discuss the complexity and issues raised as result of the corruption, which are dominating around the world.

In addition to discuss the corruption effect on critical matters in the world for example climate change, democracy’s passive role, the modern technology risks that put the world in an insecure situation, and spoiled human’s joyfulness.