Erbil security arrests 62 for drug dealing

Two groups of people were arrested in Erbil for drug dealing and drug abuse, Erbil security reported on Monday.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – Sixty-two people were arrested for drug-related offenses, Erbil Security announced on Monday.

The directorate of Anti-Drug Abuse in Erbil security announced that they have arrested two groups of people consisting of 62 criminals who were involved in consuming and dealing illicit drugs in the city.

“People of both genders and Arab and Kurdish ethnicities were arrested,” said Erbil Anti-Drug Abuse directorate in a press conference.

He also revealed that the suspects were arrested in March and April. “There were two large groups involved in drug dealing as well as drug abuse who were arrested over two months.”

It was mentioned in the press conference that the security has confiscated over 10 kilograms of different drugs as well as 5,250 drug tablets.

On May 7, the security of Haji Omaran International border crossing, located at the Kurdistan Region-Iran border, told Kurdistan24 that they confiscated three kilograms of opium at the border.

“On Saturday, our security personnel confiscated three kilograms of opium after investigating some Iranian tourists,” said the border security office.

The officers also mentioned that the arrested person was from the city of Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province. “He wanted to take the opium to Erbil, but security arrested him and confiscated the drugs,” the security office added.

According to the security officers, the drugs were covered with blue carbon along with vehicle parts so that the security machines would not be able to discover them.


Reporting by Mewan Dolamari
Editing by Karzan Sulaivany and Ava Homa