PDKI Peshmerga choose death over surrendering to Iran

After hours of couterattack, two PDKI Peshmerga used their last grenades to end their own lives rather than surrernder to Iranian troops.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – Two PDKI Peshmerga used their last grenades to end their lives with dignity but refused to surrounder to Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG), announced PDKI in a statement on Friday.

Two decades after a ceasefire, clashes once again erupted between the Peshmerga fighters of Kurdistan Democratic Party–Iran (PDKI) and IRG in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhalat).

Dawoud Jawanmard, known as Kawa, a member of PDKI Central Committee, and Sarkawt Samadi, a member of the PDKI politic bureau, were besieged by Iranian revolutionary guards, resisted attacks for hours but ran out of ammunition. 

They decided to use their final grenade to die but not give away classified information to Iranian torturers and prison guards, PDKI said.

[Dawoud Jawanmard (L), known as Kawa, a member of PDKI Central Committee, and Sarkawt Samadi (R), a member of the PDKI politic bureau. (Photo: Archive)]

According to PDKI, 10 days ago, PDKI Peshmerga fighters and Iranian troops clashed in Sawllawa area in Rojhalat as a result of which a number of Iranian soldiers and three Peshmerga lost their lives.

The statement also mentioned that following that clash, two Peshmerga fighters were stationed near the village of Borriyar in the city of Mariwan.

PDKI explained that the two Peshmerga fighters were surrounded and attacked by the Iranian troops on Tuesday and the clashes lasted for hours. 

In June, PDKI Peshmerga fighters clashed with Iranian troops in different parts of Rojhalat, including Mariwan and Oshnaviah (Shino).

In a new wave of arrest and suppression, Iran has arrested over 30 Kurds in late hours of the night without court orders or arrest warrants.

Personal belongings of the detainees have been confiscated and their whereabouts are unclear.

Iranian artilleries also heavily bombarded the Kurdistan Region border in Haji Omaran and Sidakan areas in the Province of Erbil located on the border of the Region with Iran.

The bombarded areas were Allana, Barbzin, Darhol, Binparezan, Katina, and Berkim. It injured four civilians and forced villagers to leave their areas. According to Iranian news outlets, the bombardment aimed to target the PDKI locations.

Following the bombardment, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) issued a statement, urging Turkey and Iran to stop shelling the Kurdistan Region border and asked Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and PDKI not to use the Region’s soil to attack the neighboring countries.


Editing by Ava Homa