Iran executes six more Kurds without fair trial

Political prisoner Mohammad Abdullahi and five other Kurds were executed in Urmia Central Prison on Tuesday, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported.

URMIA, Iran (Kurdistan24) – Political prisoner Mohammad Abdullahi and five other Kurds were executed in Urmia Central Prison on Tuesday, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported.

Abdullahi, 35, married, from the city of Bokan, Kurdistan Province, northwest of Iran, was charged with “Moharebeh” for belonging to a Kurdish opposition party. 

Moharebeh, an Arabic term meaning “enmity against God,” is a crime punishable by death in Iran.

The charge is usually used for an armed opposition, and Abdullahi’s lawyer maintained that his client was never armed and never received a fair trial.

“My client was acquitted of the charge of Moharebeh. The attorney general and the prosecutor closed the case. The case was definitely closed, and the judge of the revolutionary court had no right to open it again,”  Abdullahi’s lawyer, Mostafa Ahmadian told a human rights agency.

KHRN reported Abdullahi was put in solitary confinement repeatedly and beaten severely during interrogations where his arm and leg were broken under torture. 

He also went on a hunger strike to object to his death sentence.

The other five who were executed along with Abdullahi on the same day were charged with drug offences.

Taimoor Aliassi, president of the Association for Human Rights in Kurdistan of Iran (KMMK-G), told Kurdistan 24 that his organization contacted the European Union countries.

He pointed specifically to France and Germany’s Foreign Ministers as well as the UN Special Rapporteur for Iran to act against the execution of Kurds and other political prisoners in Iran.

“The KMMK-G urges the German Federal Foreign Minister Mr. Steinmeier, the EU Foreign Commission, and the United Nations to condemn the execution of at least 21 Kurdish religious prisoners in Iran and to halt further executions of Kurds and other political prisoners in Iran,” Aliassi said.

The UN Special rapporteur Dr. Ahmed Shaheed is expected to issue a joint statement with other independent experts this week.

On Thursday, the spokesperson for the US State Department Mark Toner called on Tehran to respect human rights and implement a transparent judicial proceeding in all cases.

The estimated 13 million Kurds in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhelat) make up 18 percent of the population, but they are a majority of political prisoners.

In 2015, of the 93 charged with Moharebeh in Iran, 63 were Kurds.


Editing by Karzan Sulaivany