World Documentary filmmakers hope to raise money to build schools in Kurdistan Region

Documentary filmmakers hope to raise money to build schools in Kurdistan Region
An art gallery set up by organizer Hivron Turanli. (Photo: Turanli)

MONTREAL, Canada (Kurdistan24) – Three documentary filmmakers will premiere their film, “The Longest Road,” at a fundraiser in Montreal on Wednesday to help young Christian and Yezidi (Ezidi) victims of the Islamic State (IS) in the Kurdistan Region.

The movie, which follows the struggle of minorities like Iraqi Christians and Ezidis, documents the atrocities carried out by IS when it emerged in Iraq in 2014.

All proceeds from the Canadian premiere at the Phi Centre in Montreal will help build two schools in the Kurdistan Region according to organizer Hivron Turanli.

Turanli was a volunteer who witnessed the effects of the devastation at the hands of the extremist group after coming to the Kurdistan Region to work with traumatized youth, particularly displaced teenage girls.

“This will be a great, great way to help the girls, who escaped from a barbaric experience in captivity as sex slaves,” she said in an interview.

Turanli noted the girls had been prevented from attending school for two years due to the conflict.

“The documentary will help you understand why, and the proceeds from ticket sales will help build two new schools in Kurdistan,” she continued.

The fundraiser will also showcase artwork from the Paint Away the Trauma – Art initiative Turanli set up after witnessing the effects of her painting classes on the young women who were traumatized by the violence they experienced.

All proceeds from the art sale will go toward the school-building project, Turanli added.

Since its debut in September 2016, “The Longest Road” documentary film has been traveling the world to spread awareness of the refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria.

The film was an Official Selection of the 7th Annual Irvine International Film Festival and the 23rd Annual San Luis Film Festival.

This Impact Docs Award of Merit winner follows the story of a US veteran who returns to his former battleground in the Kurdistan Region to aid those impacted by IS.


Editing by Karzan Sulaivany