Kurdish man breaks Iran's record for treading water using only feet

A Kurdish man has broken Iran's record for the longest timetreading water while using only one's feet.
author_image Kosar Nawzad

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – A Kurdish man has broken Iran's record for the longest time treading water while using only one's feet. 

Hadi Brakhas is an athlete from the Kurdish city of Bokan, in West Azerbaijan Province. An avid swimmer, he recently told the National Commission for Sports Records Registration that he would be aiming to break the previous record in the sport, known locally as "Qachi Dwcharkha," Kurdish for "Bicycle Legs."

On Sunday night, Brakhas and commission's judges headed for the local public swimming pool where he was to attempt the feat. After receiving health checkups and warming up, he entered the pool and began pedaling.

Eighteen hours later, Brakhas was still buoyant as crowds of fans and relatives cheered him on, only minutes away from his goal and with the presiding judges looking on.

At the moment he beat the time of the previous record and became the new champion, those gathered to witness the event clapped and whistled.

"The former record was 18 hours and ten minutes," Hadi Razayi, head of the commission, told Kurdistan 24. "Brakhas was able to lengthen the record by eight minutes," he explained.

Short of breath following his long ride in the water, and with another health checkup showing vital signs were normal, he sent his greetings and gratitude for those who helped him achieve his dream.

"From here, again, I would like to thank all the people of Kurdistan from cities near and far who supported me," Brakhas said. 

Editing by John J. Catherine