Iranian artillery shells Kurdistan Region’s Bradost area.

Mayor Chalabi asserted that no armed groups are present in the Bradost area, including Iranian Kurdish opposition groups.

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) –Iranian artillery shelled Kurdistan Region’s Bradost border region early on Wednesday morning, but no human casualties have been reported.

“This morning, around 8:20 am, Iranian artillery bombarded our area 10 to 12 times, but fortunately they didn’t cause any human casualties,” Ehsan Chalabi, Mayor of Sidekan, the administrative center of the Bradost border area, told Kurdistan 24’s correspondent.

“The schools are now busy with final exams, but the examination process has stopped because of this morning’s Iranian shelling,” he added. “The shelling lasted for about 20 minutes.”

Mayor Chalabi asserted that no armed groups exist in the Bradosti area, including the Iranian Kurdish opposition groups.

“In the past years, Iranian artillery has always been shelling Bradosti villages and towns (...) when the farmers are to go back to their farms and agriculture lands,” said Chalabi. “The shelling randomly falls on their farms and disturbs their agriculture process.”

During the past two decades, Iranian artillery has continued shelling the border areas of the Kurdistan Region under the excuse of targeting Iranian Kurdish opposition groups, or other armed groups.