Russian MP: We support Greater Kurdistan

Kurds have been waiting to declare an independent state, but they have not been able to because of the surrounding countries in the Middle East.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – Kurds have been waiting to declare an independent state, but they have not been able to because of the surrounding countries in the Middle East, said a Russian official on Friday.

In an exclusive statement to Kurdistan24, Russian Member of Parliament and the Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky stated that Kurds of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region now have the opportunity to declare independence.

“Kurds have a golden opportunity in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to declare its independent state,” said Zhirinovsky, reiterating the support of his party, part of the Russian government, to the Kurds.

LDPR is the fourth biggest party in Russia that holds 56 out of 450 seats in the Russian Parliament.

He mentioned that soon the current situation in the Middle East might change, noting that Russia does not want the US to increase its hegemony in the Middle East through the Kurdistan Region.

“Kurds have been trying to declare their independent state for 100 years. Europe has promised independence for them, but it has not been enacted due to the stance of Turkey,” Zhirinovsky added.

Additionally, he discussed Kurdish achievements and struggles in all parts of Kurdistan. “In Iraq, Kurds have autonomy, a parliament and government. In Iran, they almost have nothing. In Turkey, they are at war, and they are getting killed, but in Syria, the situation might become better for them in the early future.”

Zhirinovsky continued, “Now, Kurds have a good opportunity in Iraq because the Federal Government of the country is not against its northern region [Kurdistan Region] becoming part of independent Kurdistan, the same in Syria. It’s in the interest of Syria to have a strong country like Kurdistan as their neighbor.”

Moreover, he highlighted the current Kurdish affair in Turkey and said that Kurds in the country dream of independence. “If all parts of Kurdistan [in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria] were to unite, the 40 million Kurds will be able to create an independent Kurdistan [known as the Greater Kurdistan].”

Kurds are one of the largest nations in the world without a state. Throughout history, they have been persecuted and oppressed by neighboring countries and their desire to create an independent state has been hindered.

Zhirinovsky believes that the country of Greater Kurdistan is possible in the next four years and said, “We wish Kurds success, and we are ready to help them. Russia has always supported Kurds and brought up the topic of Kurdish independence.”


Reporting by Khoshawi Mohamad and Mewan Dolamari
Editing by Karzan Sulaivany