Former Iraqi PM: It is necessary to create a moderate front with Kurdish participation

Iraq has no real intention to promote peace and solidarity in the country, says Allawi.


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (K24) – Prominent Iraqi official Ayad Allawi stated that there is a need for creating a moderate front where Kurds are part of it. He believes that Iraq has no real intention to promote peace and solidarity in the country.

In an interview with an independent Iraqi media, al-Mada TV about the current situation in Iraq, the former Iraqi Prime Minister and the president of the Iraqi National Coalition faction Ayad Allawi noted, “The reforms that the Iraqi government implements, consists of random procedures for decreasing the expenditures, but nothing more.”

He stressed, “There is no intention for promoting peace and solidarity in Iraq.”

Allawi continued, “Iraqi constitution is divided into pieces, insulted and ignored. Law, national compromise and negotiation have been avoided.”

He also called for reorganizing Shiite militia Hashd al-Shabi with the Iraqi army and federal police forces.

“Iraqi Parliament has stood against the draft law of the Iraqi National Guard,” Allawi added.

Allawi emphasized the need for creating a political moderate front on the state level, with the participation of moderate people including Muslim scientists, Kurds, leftists, and Arab organizations in order to combat radicalism in the area as well as fulfilling the political gaps that have emerged in Iraq.

Previously, reports revealed that Allawi is preparing to establish a new political party in Iraq called Iraqi National Accord (Wifaq).

Wifaq was previously a movement led by Allawi. He was the leader of the movement as an opposition to the dictatorship system of Iraq from 1990 until 2003. Now, Allawi aims to transform this movement to a legalized party in the country.