Barzani's headquarters strongly condemns insults made by PMF against a Kaki's Peshmerga

Barzani headquarters logo.
Barzani headquarters logo.

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Barzani's headquarters strongly condemned the insults to which Kaki's member of the Peshmerga forces gone through by the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

Ayman Abdi, a Peshmerga told Kurdistan 24 yesterday that the PMF detachment pulled his pistol, shaved his mustache, broke his nose and insulted him.

Barzani's headquarters said in a statement, "we strongly condemn the illegal act committed by several members affiliated with the PMF against a Kurdish member of the Peshmerga."

The statement added that what the Peshmerga member was subjected to represents "an insult and a lack of respect for freedoms, beliefs and coexistence."

"We affirm our support for our Kaka'i sisters and brothers," the statement said.

On Saturday evening, the Ministry of Peshmerga said that a detachment of the Popular Mobilization Forces insulted one of its members in an "ugly" manner and with "inappropriate" actions far from all norms and laws.

Dozens of Kaka'i Kurds gathered inside Abdi’s house, and considered what happened an insult to their religious beliefs, and announced that they had filed a legal complaint against the aggressors.

The Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament condemned the insulting of the Peshmerga member after ‘shaving his mustache,’ which is considered one of the sanctities of the Kakai sect.

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The Peshmerga member was insulted and assaulted in the Amerli area of ​​Duz Khurmatu district.

The Kurdish blocs said in a statement, "this humiliating and shameful act must not go unpunished and deterred by those who carried out this reprehensible act."

The group affiliated with the PMF alleges that it did this after the Peshmerga affiliated "overstepped" the crowd in the area administratively affiliated to Salahuddin province.