PKK remarks anger Iranian Kurds

Murad Karayilan, the leader and co-founder of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) said the Kurdish armed movement in Iran serves the interests of Saudi Arabi and Turkey.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) - Murad Karayilan, the leader and co-founder of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) said Kurdish armed movement in Iran would benefit hostile neighboring countries more than it serves Kurds.

In an interview with Newroz TV, Karayilan said armed resistance against the Iranian government is a religious war, serving the interests of Turkey and Sudi Arabia.

He recommends that Iranian Kurdish parties should put down arms and instead focus on civil and cultural movements to prevent undesirable outcomes that would result from other country's influence.

He added that Iranian Kurdish parties should act independently and refuse the support offered by Sunni regimes.

Kurdish parties, leaders, and activists in Iran found the remarks outrageous and accusatory.

Kurds were disappointed that a Kurdish party in a neighboring country repeated accusations that Iran has used again the Kurdish movement to spread propaganda and delegitimize their cause.

Karim Parvizi, political bureau member of Kurdistan Democratic Party- Iran (KDPI) responded that Kurdish movements in various countries have distinct characteristics, and judging them without considering complexities is harmful.

The Kurdish politician said PKK has underestimated the demands and abilities of Kurds in Iran who continue to support their parties.

Parvizi emphasized that Iran, unlike Turkey, does not allow any form of civil, political and parliamentarian activities in the country.

If Kurds in Turkey feel the need to continue armed resistance despite the pseudo-democracy that Turkey is practicing, why should Iranian Kurds put an end to armed resistance while dealing with Iran's despotic regime, Parvizi pondered.