Vaya Dosky: A 1-year-old Kurdish girl who represents hope for an entire Kurdish nation

“I sense the deep hopes the entire Kurdish nation holds for the future of their children.”

TORONTO (Kurdistan 24) – As she celebrates her first birthday on Monday, a young Kurdish girl, Vaya Dosky, the daughter of a Peshmerga Commander, can one day inspire a powerful, sovereign Kurdistan for future generations, Qanta Ahmed believes.

Ahmed, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations in the United States, is a staunch supporter of the Kurdish people. She visited the Kurdistan Region in May 2018 to participate in a conference at the University of Duhok.

While in Kurdistan, she also met male and female Peshmerga forces alike at a Peshmerga base in Duhok province. Ahmed told Kurdistan 24 on Monday that she has “developed a wonderful friendship” with Peshmerga Commander Colonel Serdar Dosky and other Kurdish generals.

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During her visit to Kurdistan, Colonel Dosky’s first-born daughter, Vaya, was only three-months-old. Ahmed believes Vaya “represents what Kurdistan can become.”

Although she did not personally meet Vaya last May, Ahmed said she learned “about the dreams and hopes of her father for his daughter’s future.”

“I sense the deep hopes the entire Kurdish nation holds for the future of their children,” she added.

Ahmed recalled her humbling experience in Kurdistan and described the Kurdish forces as “world famous” for their efforts in the war against the Islamic State.

“My dream and my purpose are to realize an independent Kurdistan so that when Vaya reaches my current age, we can look back and remember how her father and all the Peshmerga of Kurdistan fought for the sovereignty and dignity of the Kurdish people,” she stated.

As the Kurdish new year of Newroz approaches, Ahmed said she looks “forward to seeing the development of an independent Kurdistan.”

“Kurdistan is never far from my thoughts. I’m remembering you always.”