Peshmerga ministry reiterates need for cooperation with Iraqi military, warns of ISIS resurgence

Photo: Kurdistan 24
Photo: Kurdistan 24

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Peshmerga ministry said on Wednesday that ISIS has regrouped and changed its fighting methods, enabling them to increase attacks in areas with a security vacuum, especially those that separate the Kurdistan Region’s forces from the Iraqi military within the disputed areas.

The statement came after a late night attack by the group on Tuesday killed a Peshmerga fighter in the vicinity of the Kifri sub-district in the Garmiyan area.

The Ministry of Peshmerga said in a statement on Wednesday, "ISIS terrorists were able to regroup, taking advantage of the security vacuum that exists between the Kurdistan Peshmerga’s stationed points and the Iraqi army.”

The ministry added that it had previously warned about the seriousness of the situation, and that ISIS militants had “changed their fighting tactics,” presenting a “constant threat” to the area.

"The terrorists have formed various groups and units, and the best proof of this fact is the cowardly acts waged by ISIS from time to time," the statement said.

The Peshmerga stressed the urgent need to conclude a "comprehensive and wide-ranging" agreement with the Iraqi army to prevent further attacks.

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani condemned the attack on Wednesday, stressing the need for accelerated coordination between the Peshmerga and Iraqi army.

Territories disputed between the autonomous Kurdistan Region and federal Iraqi government have recently witnessed a surge in ISIS activity, and calls by regional authorities and the international coalition against ISIS have so far not led to a comprehensive agreement.

Editing by Joanne Stocker-Kelly