Attack on Erbil Air Base leaves no casualties or damage: Pentagon official

A Pentagon official confirmed to Kurdistan24 that a drone attack on Erbil airport left no damage or casualties.
An aerial view of Erbil International Airport. (Photo: EIA)
An aerial view of Erbil International Airport. (Photo: EIA)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – A Pentagon official told Kurdistan24 on Wednesday confirmed that a one way drone attack was launched against US and Coalition forces at Erbil Air Base on Wednesday evening without causing any damage.

The official added that there were “no casualties or damage to infrastructure reported.”

“This brings us to at least 106 attacks on US and Coalition forces. 50 in Iraq and 56 in Syria (since Oct. 7),” the official added.

A drone was shot down by the US-led Coalition on Wednesday evening (Photo: CTD)

In an later official statement, the Directorate General of Counter-Terrorism (CTD) also said a drone was shot down by the US-led coalition near the Ashokan village in the Baherke district without causing any damage.

The Iran-backed Islamic Resistance of Iraq group, which includes Iraqi paramilitary groups such Ansar Allah al-Awfiya’, Harakat al-Nujaba’, Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada’, Kata’ib Hezbollah, claimed responsibility for attack for Wednesday’s drone attack on the Erbil Air Base, a military airport, adjacent to the civilian Erbil International Airport (EIA).

The attacks have been claimed by Iran-backed groups in Iraq in revenge for US support for Israel during the ongoing conflict in Gaza. However, the main goal is viewed by the Pentagon as an attempt to push out the US from Syria and Iraq.

“We have seen Iran and Iran proxy groups continue to attack US forces because we know Iran doesn't want us there, we know Iran does not want to see US forces on the ground,” Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters in mid-November.

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On Monday, Christmas Day, the US retaliated for several attacks earlier that day carried out by pro-Iranian Iraqi armed groups on US forces, including at Erbil Air Base, which injured three US soldiers, with one left in critical condition.

In a letter to the Speaker of the House and President, US President Joe Biden on Wednesday wrote the attacks by Iran-backed groups on US bases, including the recent attack on the Erbil Air Base have endangered US lives.

Therefore, he said the US carried out strikes against three facilities in Iraq used by Iran-affiliated groups for training, logistics support, and other purposes with the aim to "deter future attacks."

However, so far Iranian-backed groups have continued to carry out attacks on US bases, including the attack on the Erbil Air Base today.