KRG President: “Losing coexistence means destruction for our nation”

"Peshmerga forces have defeated Daesh militarily, but we should not let them achieve their goals in destroying brotherhood in Kurdistan"
author_image Gulala Xalid

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (K24) – The President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani in a meeting with Muslim inhabitants of Shingal (Sinjar) stated that losing coexistence is the beginning of destruction for the Kurdish nation. 

“Peshmerga forces have defeated Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State) militarily, but we should not let them achieve their goals in destroying brotherhood [in Kurdistan]’’ stated President Barzani on Wednesday.

Barzani stressed that the national, political, geographical, and social importance of Shingal is “a symbol of national and ethnic coexistence of different components throughout history.”  

He also stated that it is necessary to develop and enrich the culture of coexistence not only in Shingal but also through other parts of Kurdistan and to prevent any damage to the culture and security for the people of Shingal and the Kurdish people in general. 

President Barzani stressed the role of religious clerics, political parties, and other important figures in preserving the culture of coexistence.  

“The Kurdish nation is now well-known for its rich coexistence all over the world, so it’s necessary to preserve this [value], since losing it would be the end of our nation and [therefore] a disaster” he continued. 

Barzani asked the people of Shingal to cooperate with the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) in reconstructing the city and help to turn it into a province.

As for the future of Shingal, the President emphasized that people should decide on its future and expressed his hope that Shingal would become a symbol of construction and prosperity of all Kurdish citizens.

Shingal was under the control of IS for more than a year and was liberated by Peshmerga forces under President Massoud Barzani’s direct command and backed by US airstrikes last month . 

The Yezidi religious minority make-up the majority of Shingal's population, along with Arabs and Assyrian Christians before IS jihadists conquered the town.

The insurgents massacred, enslaved, and displaced much of Shingal’s Yezidi population and left it completely devastated before being liberated by Peshmerga on November 13 of this year.