New border crossing between Kurdistan Region, Turkey inaugurated

the Zit International Border Crossing. (Photo: KRG)
the Zit International Border Crossing. (Photo: KRG)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Turkish and Kurdistan Region officials on Wednesday inaugurated another border crossing between the two countries to initially serve as a tourist route.

The new border crossing, named Zit International Border, is located in the Mergasor district in Erbil province, connecting Iraq’s Kurdish region with Hakkâri (Julamerk) province in southeast Turkey.

Previously, the Ibrahim Khalil Border Crossing between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey served as the only gateway to Europe. The new crossing marks the third port of entry between the two countries. The second is the Sar Zer Border Crossing, located in Amedi in Duhok province. 

Turkish Consul General Mevlut Yakut attended the inauguration ceremony along with Erbil Governor Omed Khoshnaw, as well as other military and party officials.

Congratulating the residents of both sides of the border, Governor Khoshnaw extended his gratitude to the Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) President Masoud Barzani for facilitating the opening of the new port. 

The Ibrahim Khalil crossing, located 60 kilometers (37 miles) northwest of Duhok, is one of the most-transited border crossings between Turkey, Iraq, and the Kurdistan Region. It is also Iraq’s main gateway to Europe.

The Duhok province borders Turkey via the Ibrahim Khalil (Habur in Turkish) border crossing, where billions of dollars of economic activity takes place, and served as the only trade gate into Iraq.