Turkish forces shell Syria’s Ain Issa: SOHR

Turkish-backed forces on Friday morning shelled SDF positions near Ain Issa.
Turkish artillery firing at a target (Photo: Turkish Defense Ministry)
Turkish artillery firing at a target (Photo: Turkish Defense Ministry)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) on Friday reported that the Turkish army and Turkish-backed armed groups shelled areas near Ain Issa, held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The shelling targeted the Saqr Rest, Ain Eissa camp and silos and Alimat village in Al-Raqqah countryside. No casualties were reported.

Meanwhile, SDF responded to the shelling and targeted a Turkish base opposite Ain Issa town. No casualties were reported.

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Last week, three SDF fighters were killed in a Turkish drone strike near Ain Issa.

After Turkey attacked SDF-led forces in Oct. 2019, Russia and the US reached separate ceasefire deals with Ankara to stop the fighting.

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But despite this, clashes have continued by SDF forces and Turkish-backed forces. Moreover, Turkey has stepped up drone strikes, carrying out 103 drone attacks and airstrikes in 2023.