International Women’s Day: Kurdish officials recognize historic role of women in Kurdistan

“On #IWD2020 I encourage women and men collectively to work on equal rights and opportunities for women in our societies.”
author_image Sangar Ali

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Top Kurdish officials on Sunday congratulated women in the Kurdistan Region and the world on the eve of the International Women's Day and recognized their crucial role in the region.

"Women in Kurdistan have always had an influential role in different aspects of the struggle in the past. Today, they continue to have an active role in all the institutions of the Kurdistan Region. The increased role of women in all sectors is an important indicator of the strength of the principles of gender equality in Kurdistan," said President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, in a statement.

"Women have been the main victims of violence; especially in the wars and tragedies that have befallen our people. Nevertheless, no tragic event has ever been able to deprive Kurdistan's women of their dignity, nor has it been able to shake their will, honor or resilience," he stated.

The Kurdistan Region annually celebrates the International Women's Day with various activities. But this year, almost all the events have been suspended due to the spread of coronavirus in the region as the local authorities continue to call the public to avoid crowded as a safety precaution.

President Barzani recognized the relentless efforts of all relevant local authorities in containing the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic. "It is our common duty and responsibility to protect ourselves and our community from coronavirus and prevent its spread in the Kurdistan Region."

His message comes as the Kurdistan Region has confirmed several coronavirus infections, including a case of death from it.

In a statement of his own, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani also highlighted the struggle women have faced in obtaining equality and social justice, and their efforts to put an end to repression.

"Women are vital to building a stronger Kurdistan. As we celebrate #IWD2020 we honor their role in our history, including the fight for equality and justice. My government is determined to empower women to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. #EachforEqual" Prime Minister Barzani posted on his official Twitter account.

Acknowledging the historical role women played in securing Kurdistan's freedom, Barzani stressed that his government highly values the role of women in the Kurdistan Region, particularly those who have served as Peshmerga and fought bravely against the so-called Islamic State.

He also called on women in the Kurdistan Region to spread awareness about combating the coronavirus.

Similarly, Rewaz Faiaq, as a female Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament, extended her best wishes to women in the Kurdistan Region and the world on the eve of International Women's Day.

"As a woman in a leading role, I would like to congratulate all women around the globe for their efforts to make our world a better place. On #IWD2020 I encourage women and men collectively to work on equal rights and opportunities for women in our societies," Faiaq posted on her Twitter account.

Masoud Barzani, the former President of the Kurdistan Region and the current President of the leading Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), joined other officials in the region to recognize the critical role of women in the region.

"On International Women's Day, I wish the women of Kurdistan and the world a happy and blessed day. The role of the women of Kurdistan was indispensable during the freedom-seeking revolutions of our people. Their support for the Peshmerga has indeed been of immense value," Masoud Barzani wrote on his Twitter account.

Editing by Kosar Nawzad