Kurdistan Kurdish women made more sacrifices than men in history: Barzani

Kurdish women made more sacrifices than men in history: Barzani
Four Kurdish Ezidi Peshmerga soldiers in Shingal (Sinjar), southwestern Kurdistan Region. (Photo: CNN)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – The President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani on Wednesday commended the role and sacrifices made by Kurdish women on International Women’s Day.

“I congratulate the women of Kurdistan and the entire world,” President Barzani said in a statement released by the Kurdistan Region Presidency (KRP) office.

“I congratulate the mothers and families of the martyred people who sacrificed their dearest ones for the homeland,” the President added.

President Barzani also congratulated those women who played a role in developing the cause and rights of Kurdish women.

“The role of women in creating history, supporting revolutions, and bringing heroic people to the world is pride,” he said.

Moreover, the President claimed the sacrifices and pain the women of Kurdistan had faced in history was greater than men’s.

President Barzani also highlighted it was the duty of the government and people to value the role and sacrifices made by women.

“We shall never be a barrier in front of their rights and demands,” the statement read. “We should prevent violations made against their rights.”

In another part of the statement, the President called for the ending of sexism and violations against women.

The sacrifices of Kurdish women continue today with a branch of Peshmerga forces containing female fighters battling the Islamic State (IS) in northern Mosul and southern Kirkuk.

The female Peshmerga soldiers have successfully thwarted the threat of IS insurgents, playing a key role in the extremist group’s defeat.

Celebrated annually on March 8, International Women’s Day marks the struggle for women’s rights.


Editing by Karzan Sulaivany