Al-Nasr Coalition says Abadi likeliest to win second term in office

It was reported that 11 winning candidates had withdrawn from the al-Nasr Coalition, possibly shrinking Abadi’s chances of retaining his post as prime minister of Iraq.

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Al-Nasr Coalition has announced that its leader and current Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will most likely win his second term in office.

In a statement on Thursday, Nasr spokesperson Hussein al-Adili denied claims of division within the coalition, stating that Abadi had the best chance of retaining his post as prime minister.

“Competition and conflict of agendas are behind the allegations of al-Nasr members withdrawing and joining other lists,” Adili said. “The coalition is united and is leading a successful understanding for the formation of the largest coalition [in the Iraqi Parliament].”

“All reports which claim Abadi has withdrawn or has presented an alternative candidate are far from the truth,” the statement noted.

Adili added that the source and purpose of such fabricated reports were known, without mentioning them, concluding that Abadi is still the most likely candidate to win a second term.

It was reported on Wednesday that eight winning candidates from the al-Fadhila Party and three others from the al-Intifadha list had withdrawn from the Nasr Coalition.

The current Iraqi Prime Minister’s coalition secured 42 seats in the general elections held on May 12. Withdrawal of the successful candidates, if confirmed, will decrease Nasr’s seats in the Iraqi Parliament to 31 and possibly shrink Abadi’s chances of retaining his post.

Abadi had previously expressed his willingness to work and cooperate in forming a stable government free of corruption.

Editing by Karzan Sulaivany