Long-mustached Kurd targets Guinness World Record

Kurdish man attempts to grow the longest mustache to break the Guinness World Record.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (K24) – A Kurdish man is growing a long mustache to break the Guinness World Record.

Hussein Abdullah Ahmed, more famously known as Hussein Abu Shwarb (Mr. Mustache), resides in the city of Soran, in the Province of Erbil. His mustache is 170 centimeters (5.5 feet) long, and he says that he is “in love” with it.

The 67-year-old man has 13 children, and his long whiskers have brought him both fame and customers in the city. It is his marketing tool. “It has been my dream to grow a long mustache,” he told K24 on Monday, running his fingers through his massive facial hair.

Ahmed also has a genuine sense of humor and was an actor in the 1970s. “At that time, we didn’t have the make-up we have today and we had to use sheep and goat fur as a mustache,” he continued. 

He noted that in the past, long and full mustaches were symbols of hyper-masculinity.

Ahmed sells and repairs refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances. “I have been repairing home appliances since 1976,” he told K24.

“My mustache often bothers me when I work, but I take good care of it,” Ahmed added.

“I am very popular in the city now. If you mention Abu Shwarb, everyone will point to me!” he concluded.

According to the Guinness World Record, the longest mustache measures 4.29 meters (14 feet) and belongs to Ram Singh Chauhan (India). It was measured in an Italian TV show "Lo Show dei Record" in Rome, Italy, on March 4, 2010.


Reporting by Tayfur Mohammed and Mewan Dolamari

Editing by Karzan Sulaivany and Ava Homa