Airstrike targets alleged PKK outpost in Kurdistan Region’s Sulaimani

The assault wounded two individuals, one of whom was transferred to Sulaimani Hospital due to the severity of his injuries.
Photo: Archive
Photo: Archive

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – A suspected Turkish airstrike on Monday targeted an alleged Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) outpost in rural Sulaimani province. The assault wounded two people, an informed source told Kurdistan 24.

The strike took place in the vicinity of Sidan village in Chamchamal district, Sulaimani province.

"Two injured people were transferred to the emergency hospital in Chamchamal," Chamchamal health directorate spokesman Sharif Rahim told Kurdistan 24. It was not immediately clear if the victims were PKK members or civilians.

The wounded individuals included a 24-years-old woman and a 35-years-old man, who, the official said, was transferred to Sulaimani Hospital because of the severity of his injury.