Coalition, Peshmerga officials discussed Peshmerga reform, joint brigades

A US-led coalition delegation met with the Peshmerga Ministry on Monday. (Photo:Twitter)
A US-led coalition delegation met with the Peshmerga Ministry on Monday. (Photo:Twitter)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – A delegation from the US-led coalition met with Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Peshmerga Lieutenant-General Jamal Mohammed on Monday and discussed Peshmerga reform and the creation of joint Iraqi-Peshmerga brigades. 

“Brilliant engagement with the @KRG_MOPE Chief of Staff, where we discussed the next steps for the Joint Brigades,#Peshmerga Reform, #DefeatDaesh operations, and command and control,” Col. Todd Burroughs tweeted on Monday. 

"The sacrifice of these two Peshmerga highlights the importance of Iraqi-Peshmerga coordination and the formation of the joint force brigades," Col. Burroughs told Kurdistan 24.

"The ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) and the MoPA (Minister of Peshmerga Affairs) are making tremendous progress on their formation, which will deny ISiS any safe haven in the disputed territory."

Lieutenant-General Jamal Mohammed welcomed Col. Burroughs, who conveyed the coalition’s condolences for the loss of two Peshmerga forces in an ISIS attack near the town of Pirde on Saturday night, according to a Ministry of Peshmerga tweet. 

The Ministry of Peshmerga, the Iraqi Army, and the US-led coalition are discussing plans to form and deploy two joint Iraqi-Peshmerga brigades to secure the disputed territories between Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, where Islamic State (ISIS) remnants are operating from security gaps. 

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Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, in a tweet on Sunday, said that the Saturday attack on Pirde “reaffirms the importance of continued coordination between the KRG and the federal govt with the support of the International Coalition in confronting ISIS threats, particularly to fill the security vacuum in the disputed territories.”

Earlier, on Oct. 27, at the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) forum in Erbil, Prime Minister Barzani also addressed the Kurdistan Regional Government’s plans to fill security gaps throughout the disputed territories in coordination with Baghdad.

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Barzani also said there has been some progress in the ongoing efforts to bring all of the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces under a single unified command. 

“Some units have already been integrated, especially the supporting units that belong to Unit 70 and 80 now, have accepted to come and become part of the Ministry of Peshmerga,” the prime minister said.