'The Iranians don't want majority Iraqi government because they lost elections': Zebari

KDP Politburo member Hoshyar Zebari. (Photo: AFP)
KDP Politburo member Hoshyar Zebari. (Photo: AFP)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Politburo member Hoshyar Zebari declared that Iran and its Iraqi Shiite Coordination Framework (SCF) allies don't want a national majority government in Iraq. 

"The Iranians and the SCF don't want a national majority government because they lost in the elections," Zebari tweeted on Monday night. "They want to cancel the October elections and hold another election." 

"Will we survive or give up?" Zebari went on to ask. "The view of the people must be respected." 

This is the first time a senior KDP member publicly and unequivocally mentioned Iran in connection to internal Iraqi politics and the ongoing government formation process in Iraq since efforts began to form a new Iraqi government after the October 2021 parliamentary elections. 

Following Iran's Mar. 13 missile attack on Erbil, Kurdish leaders and officials have been more willing to point fingers at Iran for its interference in Iraq's internal affairs and its role in destabilizing the security and stability of the country. 

The KDP is in alliance with Muqtada al-Sadr's Sadrist Movement and the Sunni Al-Siyada Alliance in the Iraqi Parliament. That coalition has almost 170 seats. The SCF, mainly composed of political parties close to Iran, has 130 seats.