Preparations made for census: Mayor of central district of Erbil

The population statistics takes two days and believed 15 thousand appointees needed to work on the days
Mayor Of the Erbil Central District Nabaz Abdulhamid (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Mayor Of the Erbil Central District Nabaz Abdulhamid (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

Erbil (Kurdistan 24) - Mayor of Erbil Central District Nabaz Abdulhamid revealed on Wednesday that all the preparations have been made for the Kurdistan Region census. The process of population statistics will cover the both of Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

According to the Mayor’s statement in the press conference, all the team leaders for this job will be trained to supervise the appointees for the job.

Mr. Abdulhamid stated “we need 15 thousand appointees, especially among them, we need teachers, other public sectors: the Traffic Police, Police force and Health services will assist the appointees and nationals”

Previously, during census, curfew would be announced by the state, this time it provides an electronic application. The Iraqi government has a country-wide contact with all the teams working on that procedure for the purpose of guiding and advices.

The Mayor of the Central District confirmed the census will be for two days in Kurdistan Region without any curfew, it starts in Mustawfi Avenue in Erbil city, the trained team puts numerical order on the designated buildings, deal with numbering, summation and putting in order.

The Minister of Planning Deputy stated “a 6-day team training has started on Wednesday under the Kurdistan Region’s Census Body supervising the assigned teams. We will start a 2-day experiment on this application in the electronic device, to make sure about its accuracy and operating, all the experiments include May 31, and for the August month”

It is said that the census is in November, in Iraq the preparations and experiments stared 3-4 years ago, but in Kurdistan Region, due to waiting for budgeting and funding approval by the Iraqi government, the whole process couldn’t be achieved earlier. The Minster’s Deputy revealed.