ISIS fighters overrun Kirkuk army barracks, kill 4 soldiers

Photo: Archive
Photo: Archive

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Four Iraqi soldiers were killed in an attack on their camp by suspected ISIS militants in disputed Kirkuk province, a security source said on Saturday.

ISIS remains active in areas contested between the Iraqi government and autonomous Kurdistan Region and has carried out attacks on soldiers despite frequent Iraqi military operations.

A security source told Kurdistan 24 that ISIS militants raided an army barracks in Idris near the town of al-Dibs, resulting in clashes that killed four Iraqi soldiers.

ISIS often launches its attacks in the areas on the line of contact with the Iraqi forces and the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga, taking advantage of the security vacuum in those vast territories.

An Peshmerga Ministry official warned on Saturday that the threat posed by ISIS was on the rise in Kirkuk and other areas.