US-led coalition highlight joint patrol as example of its commitment to supporting SDF

US coalition soldier kicks a ball with local children in northeast Syria (Photo: CJTFOIR official Twitter page)
US coalition soldier kicks a ball with local children in northeast Syria (Photo: CJTFOIR official Twitter page)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The United States-led coalition highlighted a joint patrol between US troops and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as an example of its commitment to supporting the group in its continuous defense of northeast Syria. 

“A scene from a joint patrol led by #SDF as they are working toward maintaining stability, protecting the people of NE Syria, & acting to provide a feeling of security & safety,” the official account of the coalition tweeted on Monday. 

“We remain committed to support our SDF partners as they continue to defend NE Syria,” the account added. 

The tweet included photos of US troops greeting children in northeast Syria and even sharing a friendly football game. 

US troops regularly carry out such joint security patrols alongside their SDF allies to monitor the region for ISIS remnants, which remain a persistent threat. 

Monday wasn’t the only time the coalition highlighted such patrols or even the cordial relations US troops have with locals in northeast Syria. 

In August, the coalition account tweeted that coalitions troops “enjoy meeting local people during area security patrols with #SDF.” 

“Building a positive relationship with local communities is important for the success of our ongoing mission to prevent Daesh’s resurgence & stabilize NE Syria,” read the tweet. 

In June, the coalition also tweeted that these security patrols “are conducted to provide the citizens, especially the children, peace, stability, and hope for the future.”

“If we accomplish this; we set the conditions for economic prosperity,” it added. 

On Sunday, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) war monitor reported that a Syrian government checkpoint blocked four US military vehicles on patrol in the Tal Ahmad village in the southeast Al-Qamishlo countryside. 

However, the incident wasn’t confirmed by either the coalition or the SDF. 

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SOHR also reported that Syrian government checkpoints had blocked US military patrols three times in February.