New UK Consul General appointed to the Kurdistan Region

“The relationship between the UK and KRI is both historic and growing.”
UK Consul General James Goldman (Photo: UK in Oman)
UK Consul General James Goldman (Photo: UK in Oman)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – The British Consulate General on Sunday officially introduced James Goldman, the previous UK Deputy Head of Mission in Oman, as the new head of the diplomatic mission in Erbil, replacing his predecessor Rosy Cave.

“I am thrilled to have arrived in the KRI to take up the role of UK CG. The relationship between the UK and KRI is both historic and growing,” UK Consul General James Goldman wrote in a post, posted by the British Consulate General on X.

“I look forward to taking it forward across the many areas of partnership from everything from culture, trade and education to security and defence. I am also really excited about exploring the region and learning more about its renowned people, scenery, culture and hospitality.”

The UK has a strong relationship with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and has supported Peshmerga reform, economic diversification, stability and provided humanitarian aid in the Kurdistan Region.

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Moreover, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Sunday in an Instagram post praised the UK for its military support to the Peshmerga, and announced he visited the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst this week.

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On Jan. 18, PM Masrour Barzani, furthermore, discussed the recent Iranian attacks on the capital Erbil with David Cameron, UK Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs in Davos, Switzerland, who also condemned the attacks.

“These unprovoked and unjustified actions are an unacceptable violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” UK Secretary Cameron posted on X, on Jan. 16.