A 'new initiative' to end Iraq's political impasse will be announced in June: Official

Arafat Karam during the interview with Kurdistan 24. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Arafat Karam during the interview with Kurdistan 24. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – A "new initiative" to end the political impasse in Iraq will be announced in June, said Arafat Karam, the official in charge of the government and parliamentary file at Barzani Headquarters, on Tuesday.

In an interview with Kurdistan 24, Karam revealed that a new initiative is expected to be announced on June 11 to end the political deadlock in Iraq.

He added that the Iraqi situation is "very complicated" without a president. Iraq has failed to select a new president and prime minister even though it has been seven months since the last parliamentary elections.

Karam indicated that the Iraqi Supreme Federal Court bears the responsibility for the current turmoil in the country and stressed that it must avoid politics for the political process to proceed in an orderly fashion.

"If the situation in Iraq continues as it is now, and a solution to the problems is not found, the parliament may dissolve, and another election will be held," he said.

He pointed out that holding more elections will be a "complicated process," especially since the public is highly dissatisfied with the current situation and may boycott any reelection, especially in the south.

"At that time, there will be no legitimacy for the elections if they are held," he warned.