25 thousand employees received their salaries via MyAccount

In a Kurdistan Region’s statement, the past few days, payroll process authorized successfully and next month the number will be doubled, and in the future, will include all the employees
Cash Machines. (Photo: Archived/K24)
Cash Machines. (Photo: Archived/K24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Past few days almost 25 thousand employees of the public sectors were paid their salary via the MyAccount bank accounts. The employees who got registered with the selected banks who are given the consent by the Iraqi Central Bank and set up bank accounts, have received their first ever-electronic payment successfully and accordingly.

The purpose of setting MyAccount bank account is to provide her customers secure and protected accounts, that they can fully have authority on their accounts. It is the employee’s choice to select a bank that are available in MyAccount project. No other third parties including the government does have any access to make any changes to the salaries.

The advantages of the MyAccount: no more Long Waiting, Queues for the payroll to receive, no more cash to carry, to make a distance journey in order to hand in their salaries, saves time effort and extra potential expenses, moreover to transfer Kurdistan to a more developed economy.

In addition, more quality services will be included to the customers to be capable of having access to, the nationals can fully trust in MyAccount that embraced reliable banks whom have been given consent to by the Iraqi Central Bank.

The best products and services will be Offred by the banks all over the country to the employees but with the cheapest expenses.

According to the statement, MyAccount has been able to supply 84 cash machines, the employees have been able to withdraw cashes, there is a plan to make up to 1000 ATM available to the employees throughout Kurdistan. Thus, to access the money will be facilitated to all the. For these employees who need assistance with using the account, bank card and cash machines, out team members will help out.

The project service center has a contact number for the employees: The helpline number is 1991 can answer all the queries that perhaps customers have.

For more care and attention until the end of this year through MyAccount, all the employees will have access to the bank accounts and the electronic bank cards. Nearly one million employees will be registered in the project. A mass encouragement all the parties to participate in such developing change in Kurdistan Region.