Coalition heavily involved in SDF operation in al-Hol camp: CENTCOM

"The Combined Joint Task Force is heavily involved in advising, assisting, and enabling the Syrian Democratic Forces."
The Asayish arrested many ISIS suspects in Syria's al-Hol camp (Photo: Asayish).
The Asayish arrested many ISIS suspects in Syria's al-Hol camp (Photo: Asayish).

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The US Central Command (CENTCOM) on Wednesday in a statement confirms that the US-led coalition is 'heavily involved' in supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in a large-scale operation in Syria’s al-Hol camp.

“For the past two weeks, Syrian Democratic Forces have been conducting security operations in al-Hol displaced persons camp, resulting in the arrest of dozens of ISIS operatives and the dissolution of a major ISIS facilitation network both within the camp and throughout Syria,” Colonel Joe Buccino, CENTCOM communications director, said in the statement.

“Additionally, the SDF liberated four women in the camp who were found in tunnels, chained and tortured by ISIS supporters on September 5th, 2022.”

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The CENTCOM official said that the operation will make the “safer for those residents who remain or wish to return to their countries of origin, but are unable to do so.”

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On August 25, the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) launched the Operation Humanity and Security operation in Syria’s al-Hol camp arresting many ISIS suspects, and freeing one Yezidi woman. Until today, the operation continues.

The Asayish said that one ISIS member was arrested in al-Hol today, who tried to escape in women's clothing. Also, an AK-47 weapon was seized from the ISIS suspect.

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On Wednesday, the SDF also for the first time carried out a joint military exercise with the coalition near the Turkish border.

The al-Hol camp hosts thousands local and foreign ISIS families. The SDF has repeatedly called on foreign countries to repatriate their citizens.

“The SDF will continue its efforts to eliminate the ISIS threat, but it remains critical that the international community support this effort through repatriation,” Colonel Joe Buccino said.