Korek Telecom external telecommunications operational, says company rep

According to a source at the company, the international communication line was suspended following a decision by the CMC. 
The logo of Korek Telecom. (Photo: Korek Telecom)
The logo of Korek Telecom. (Photo: Korek Telecom)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdistan Region’s premier telecommunications company, Korek Telecom, has announced that its international and cross-company communications are now operational and that it has resolved its issues with the Iraqi Communications and Media Commission (CMC).

According to a source at the company, its external calls were suspended earlier in October following an ultimatum by Iraq's CMC.  After intensive deliberations with the commission, those privileges have now been restored.

The CMC had ordered Korek to pay taxes totaling $800 million within 15 days. As for the company, it confirmed its acceptance of the decision, but demanded that all communications with other telecommunication companies, including AsiaCell and Zain, be normalized.

Earlier in November, Korek CEO Sirwan Barzani told Kurdistan 24 that "Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani has decided to form a committee in the Iraqi Parliament. The committee met with representatives of Korek and the results of the committee meeting will be announced soon."

The telecommunications giant has frequently been adamant that not all Iraqi tax regulations can be enforced upon the company, believing the regulations only have partial jurisdiction in the autonomous Kurdistan Region, and that it has fully paid applicable taxes and operation fees according to business laws as enforced in the Kurdish state. 

Founded in 2000, Korek is one of the “Big Three” of mobile networking companies in Iraq, along with AsiaCell and Zain, providing access to a modern, mobile network infrastructure in the country.