Politics VIDEO: ‘Kurdistan a reality, deserves US support’

VIDEO: ‘Kurdistan a reality, deserves US support’
Mary Beth Long, the former US Assistant Secretary of Defense. (Photo: Kurdistan24)

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – A former United States Assistant Secretary of Defense recently said the Kurdistan Region deserved the US’ support, especially after the Islamic State (IS) is defeated.

Mary Beth Long, the former US Assistant Secretary of Defense, spoke to Kurdistan24 about America’s ongoing support for Kurdistan after the Mosul military operation.

Long praised the Kurdish leadership and, particularly, Peshmerga fighters as the “most effective allies” defeating IS on behalf of the world.

She said the US should continue to support Kurdistan and its “internal struggles,” especially issues of migration and displacement in the Region.

“Our most effective barrier, our most effective fighters, our most effective allies in the region certainly are the Peshmerga and the government of Kurdistan,” Long explained.

“Like all governments, we need to support it, we need to help it deal with its own internal problems,” she continued.

Additionally, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense addressed the implications the post-Mosul operation would have on Kurdistan and said the US should discuss ways to support the Region.

She also mentioned the US and Kurdistan share similar goals and aspirations.

“Kurdistan is a reality, and they deserve our support,” Long told Kurdistan24.

“The entity that will bear most of the brunt of [the post-Mosul offensive] is Kurdistan,” she added.

Long stated the US needed to be “realistic” about the social and economic implications that may affect Kurdistan after IS’ defeat in Mosul.

Asked if Kurdistan should become independent, Long responded in support of Kurdish sovereignty.

“I don’t know if [Kurdistan] should be [independent], but I support it,” she concluded.



(Rahim Rashidi conducted the interview in Washington, DC)