Middle East Iraqi forces liberate more areas in east, southeast Mosul

Iraqi forces liberate more areas in east, southeast Mosul
Soldiers from the Iraqi Special Forces 2nd division arrive to take up positions as they engage Islamic State fighters pushing through the eastern Samah area and into the Arbagiah neighbourhood of Mosul on November 11, 2016 (Photo: AFP/Odd Andersen)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – Iraqi troops liberated al-Quds, al-Intissar, Yunus al-Sabaawi and Yafa areas in the east and southeastern of Mosul.

"The forces have freed al-Quds, and Karama neighborhoods," an Iraqi Commander from Counter-terrorism forces, told Kurdistan24 Correspondent Masoud Mohammed who is embedded with Iraqi troops in Mosul.

“Almost half of the houses and buildings in Karama neighborhood have been destroyed or damaged due to the clashes between Iraqi troops and the Islamic State (IS) extremists,” Mohammed said.

War Media Cell of Iraqi Defense Ministry also reported the forces have retaken both Yunus al-Sabaawi and Yafa in districts located in the southeast of Mosul.

On Thursday, Iraqi forces launched the second stage of Mosul operation to liberate the remaining part of the eastern Mosul from the jihadist group.

As Iraqi troops advance to the center of the city, IS extremists fight more fiercely against the troops.

“Da’esh military tactic now is mostly sending vehicles laden with explosives to the Iraqi forces. They’re getting defeated,” said an Iraqi counter-terrorism member on Sunday, using the Arabic pejorative term for IS.

As the operation continues, more civilians flee from the area. Iraqi forces investigate people who escape from the area to arrest the IS members who try to sneak outside of Mosul by hiding among the displaced.

Civilians complain about the slow screening process by the security forces, claiming they have to wait in line for days.

“There are thousands of people waiting. We call on the security forces to use more than one computer to expedite the process of the investigation,” said a dispalced man to Kurdistan24 in the east of Mosul.

The below video shows hundreds of civilians including children waiting in line to go through the screening process.


Editing by Ava Homa