Middle East IS kidnapped 60 families in Shifa district, west Mosul

IS kidnapped 60 families in Shifa district, west Mosul
A displaced Iraqi woman carrying a child at the Al-Khazir camp for internally displaced people, located between Erbil and Mosul. (Photo:AFP/Karim Sahib)

MOSUL, Iraq (Kurdistan24) – Islamic State (IS) militants on Sunday abducted 60 families from the al-Shifa neighborhood in west Mosul as clashes between the Iraqi forces and the insurgent group intensify.

Colonel Khudair Saleh, an officer from the Iraqi federal police, told local media the militants had abducted 60 families in Shifa while retreating.

He added the militants moved the families into the Old City district, preventing them from fleeing to areas controlled by the Iraqi Army.

The Shifa district is one of the remaining areas still held by IS where fierce clashes continue.

Troops have been attempting to accelerate the evacuation of civilians fleeing the murderous group due to IS’ increased use of human shields and their execution of families escaping the areas.

Over 231 civilians attempting to escape ongoing battles in western Mosul have died in the last two weeks, according to the UN Human Rights Office.

Saleh also mentioned the Iraqi forces had besieged Shifa district from all fronts and killed 27 IS militants after storming the Bab al-Sinjar neighborhood on Sunday.

In late May, Iraqi troops began advancing on the remaining parts of western Mosul, the militant group’s last major stronghold in the country.

The UN and other aid groups repeatedly expressed their concern over the safety of civilians who remain stuck in the city.


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