Kurdistan Kurdish Iranian parties discuss creating a democratic front

Kurdish Iranian parties discuss creating a democratic front
A Kurdish female fighter in training. (Photo: KecaEzidiKurd/flikr)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) - Two Kurdish Iranian parties met on Wednesday to discuss unity, expanding cooperations and creating a 'democratic front.'

Komalah, a leftist Kurdish party, met the leaders of East Kurdistan Free and Democratic Society (Kodar) and discussed the latest developments in Kurdistan and Iran.

Ebrahim Alizadeh, the Secretary-General of Komalah met Foad Beritan and Zina Talia of Kodar, along with Peyman Vian of the Free Women's Community of Eastern Kurdistan (Kjar), a sister party of Kodar.

Previously known as PJAK, Kodar and Kjar are offshoots of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).


Ebrahim Alizadeh meets the leaders of Kodar

The parties agreed that 'a new wave of excessive nationalism' is on the rise in Iran which can eventually harm the country in general and Kurds in particular.

They also emphasized that various Kurdish parties need to coordinate their efforts to create an 'anti-fascist front' and protect ethnic minorities, mainly Kurds.

In February, the three branches of Komala discussed unity, saying in a statement that the ground is provided for a new leftist and socialist Kurdish party in the region.

"If efforts for democracy are thwarted, the Middle East will face a great calamity. The primary reason is that any development that negates the Democratic movement is a development that moves against freedom and equality for all peoples of the Middle East," Kodar said in a statement. 

Warning against foreign country's invasions and the continuation of despotism in Iran, this Kurdish party believes Iran needs to respect the rights of women and minorities to avoid a brewing disaster.